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"Do It Yourself" Rabbit Ear Handlebar Kit

"Do It Yourself" Rabbit Ear Handlebar Kit

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Can't find bars with the right rise? Pullback? Tip-to-tip? 

For those of you that just cant quite find the old school rabbit ears that fit your desired dimensions, we bring you the "Do It Yourself" Rabbit Ear Handlebar kit!

This kit includes everything you need to complete your rabbit ears. You get two, pre-bent, 1" tubes that run extra long so you can trim them to fit your desired rise and pullback. Also included is a pre-coped crossmember that will set your bars at the standard Harley 3 1/2" riser spacing, and two USA made stepped bungs to weld in the bottom.

Once you have trimmed the ends to your desired height and pullback you simply bolt them to your bike and rotate them to your desired tip-to-tip width. Then you tack weld the cross member between them, pull them off, weld them up and BOOM! You have built your own set of one of a kind old school cool rabbit ears! 

NOTICE: The bike pictured has 45 degrees of rake and the bars were not trimmed at all! If you want anything special, like extra long for extra rise or if you need a different riser spacing just CALL THE SHOP and we can work those details out! 

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