Idiots & Assholes

We love our customers BUT sometimes you run into the occasional dip shit. People need to be realistic about things. Especially when it comes to shipping time frames and custom made/one of a kind parts. Ships within 24 hours means that your part will be packaged and shipped from our shop within 24 hours. This does not mean that your package will magically appear before you in one day. Calling or emailing 15 minutes after you placed your order online demanding a tracking number will only delay your shipment because it takes us away from our jobs, which is fabricating parts, packaging and shipping your stuff out on time. If for any reason your purchase can not be shipped on time, we will contact you.  It is not our fault that you waited until the last minute to order your parts you need and you have your bike torn apart before even placing the order. If you want them faster then Ground shipping please call the shop and we can get you a price and delivery options. Don't be an asshole.

Item descriptions are there for a reason. This is so you can read them and decide if the part is what you really want. We try to give a detailed description for every part based off of the same questions we have been asked daily for years. If the answer to your question is in the item description, there is no need for you to email, text, call, ask whomever answered the phone, repeat the item description word for word, then ask for a tech and again repeat the item description word for word to get a "Yes". We don't have time for that 200 times a day. Don't be an idiot.

We will no longer pay for other peoples mistakes. If you order the wrong part, do not expect us to cover the shipping expenses to get you the right part.

LICENSE PLATE BRACKETS!!! Lately we have had a few people contact us that their license plate brackets have been breaking through the hole. I see it on the forums and elsewhere, badmouthing our parts because of this. Look closely. EVERY SINGLE ONE was mounted incorrectly! You CAN NOT mount an axle mount bracket to a shock bolt. A 1 inch or 3/4 inch hole obviously does not fit the 1/2 inch bolt your trying to mount this with!!! Don't mount our product incorrectly and then bitch when it fails. Use your heads. If you need a shock mount, order one from us for your shock. Don't fit? Call us, we make them every week. These people fall under both the "Idiots" and "Assholes" category. Seems like everyone that is a member of a forum magically becomes a mechanic.

Some questions are just ridiculous. Examples:

"How tall is an 8 inch windshield?" Really? I dropped what I was doing and answered the phone with greasy hands to have this asked? How tall do you think it is?

"I'm interested in your Sportster lowering kit. Will this fit my Vrod?" Why would it? Is your Vrod a Sportster? If it did fit don't you suppose the description would mention that?

Description, 2002-2012 Harley Touring lowering kit.... "Will this fit my 1986 Harley?" Yes, because 1986 falls between the described years, right? Come on!

Obviously, the phrase "There are no stupid questions" does not apply. Are these people really putting this stuff on themselves? Scary.

This next one I can't emphasize enough... If your buying something custom, PHONE ORDER! If you place an order online, your going to get shipped what you ordered. Please CALL US for anything custom. Do not send us an email after you order telling us that you want us to ship you something other than what you ordered.

Don't get me wrong, I love talking to our customers and I am here to help with issues and questions, but please take a moment to read the listing twice if you have a question, because the answer is likely there. This way we can stay on task fabricating your parts and getting your orders shipped on time. Thank you and keep up the chopping!  

R6C Staff